Who we are

Founded in 2013, LSe (L. Stender e-books) publishing company specializes in science fiction and fantasy books with stories that endeavour to redefine and revive both genres by widening the scope of stories and by targeting a wider audience. Both genres are quite often categorized as ‘youth’ or ‘young adult’ literature by both publishers and reviewers in today’s market.

At L. Stender e-books we aim to give you a different kind of story. We wish to show that science fiction and fantasy are for the adult reader, too. The human imagination is boundless, and L. Stender e-books intends to provide you with a universe that reflects just that.

In 2016, L. Stender e-books launched its line of art books. Historically, there has been a strong mutual influence and exchange of ideas between various artists and science fiction and fantasy writers. Both groups have, by definition, the entire universe as their playground when starting on new projects. Thus, art books are a natural addition to L. Stender e-books publications.

About Lars

I am a passionate writer within Sci-Fi. In my research I spent a lot om my time xxx xxxx x x xxxx xx . i have won several writingawards..

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