BOOK I of the Mandigo Trilogy

Mandigo breathed, trembling, and was getting ready to crawl down again when he noticed one of the windows in the tower. He froze for a brief moment, but then he rushed over and opened it. He had long limbs and was lithe. Maybe he could squeeze himself through, slide down the mill’s outer wall and run away. In the darkness and stormy weather, perhaps he could escape the knight and hide in the forest, then make his way to Greta’s. He was certain that she’d be able to help him.

But just as he was looking out, lightning lit the sky and as the thunder hammered down on Mandigo’s overwhelmed eardrums, he saw, in the glaring flash, several huge, black dogs, salivating with shining teeth, running around at the foot of the mill. One of them lifted its ugly head and stared almost gleefully up at Mandigo with a pair of unnatural, red eyes. The gleam from the lightning had disappeared but Mandigo had seen enough. He was trapped.

Although the setting and characters have a Scandinavian feel, Anders’ story itself is timeless, transcending national borders and cultures, and appealing to everyone. Young readers in any country will empathise with Mandigo as his life takes sudden and unexpected turns, he discovers the truth about his own past, is scarred by an encounter with a demon, and starts to fear for his future and that of everyone he loves. “fast-paced and filled with adventure and good ideas… and in this book, like in all great trilogies, you know that although the forces of good win [one] battle … the war has just begun!” HimmelSkibet

Mandigo and the Hellhounds

Anders Reemark (pseudonym)

Fantasy (young adult)

978-1-908168-03-0 (Paperback)

Alison Buck

269.95 DKK

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